Chapi Chapo Interior Design

Quality [ kwol-i-tee ] and Inspired [ in-spahyuh rd ] Design

We have international expertise

Chapi Chapo Design brings refined expertise to all projects, drawing on extensive experience creating cultured and imaginative designs for hospitality, luxury residential, high-end condominium, retail, and restaurant interiors on the North and South American Continents. Our international award-winning firm has worked with distinguished industry brands including Four Seasons, St. Regis, The Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental, and The Luxury Group (to name a few), exposing the designers to complex international ventures. Global pro bono work is also central to CCD’s mandate, with the team creating impactful designs for humanitarian development projects including a public school library program in Kenya.

We embody spirited flair

We are imbued with the spirit to do something excellent, inspired, genius, awakened, exhilarating, high-grade, superior and excellent for every project! Our team creates dynamic narratives for spaces, using unique custom designs. Drawing our name from a  70's French cartoon show, we bring personality and European flair, curating spaces that resonate through time. With Alienor Guilhem, Boris Mathias, Tatiana Sheveleva and Loris Ognibene at the helm, Chapi Chapo Design has become an endorsed innovator in the world of cultured and inspired design.

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